Few factors, if any, are as important to most businesses as having reliable, efficient, feature-rich telephone service. It’s your lifeline to the world. JCTI understands business communications from the inside out. We are not satisfied to excel at just the technical aspects of telephony. Of course, we provide the highest quality products from Avaya, Panasonic, EnGenius and TeleSynergy. We also provide services to accommodate moves, adds, changes or upgrades to these systems as well as maintenance and repair support.

But, just as important, JCTI will help you through the process of finding the best solution for you, not some cookie-cutter answer. We’ll ask you the questions necessary to determine your current and future needs, what you want from your phone system—and what you want to avoid! From automated attendants to voicemail to integration with wireless service, JCTI will help you discover the best way to maximize the features and applications of your system in order to let you take care of business.

No two businesses are exactly alike. As a result, your telecommunication needs are unique. JCTI understands this and builds a solution around you. JCTI will customize a system specific to your business.