About twenty years ago, we moved into the era where computers were not a luxury for small and mid-sized businesses, they were now an absolute necessity. As time passed by, it seemed like you could buy a computer from ten stores in every city block. That’s great if your needs extend pretty much to solitaire, emailing your friends and some surfing. But, if you need computers to handle your crucial business data, you want the highest quality systems configured for your needs.

JCTI helps you determine your needs for computing. We build your systems using the highest quality components—not the cheapest ones available. And, when it’s time to add components to your system, you’re not stuck with some proprietary equipment which now becomes useless.

JCTI has been building, installing and upgrading computer systems for just about as long as PCs have been around. We know the territory—we’re not visitors. Whether you have one location — small or large — or multiple locations, JCTI has the experience and expertise with hardware and software to make sure your computing abilities are something that gives you confidence, not frustration.