Networks can be as simple as hooking up a few computers and a couple printers in an office; as complex as connecting hundreds of computers, printers and other peripherals in multiple locations; and anywhere in between.

JCTI has the expertise and personnel to insure network operation, no matter how large your operation. From configuration to network protection through firewalls, we make your operation seamless and efficient.

If your needs are local, we will connect your computers, printers and any other devices with a high-speed data network. Enhanced connectivity extends the capability of PC networks in offices, schools or at home, allowing you to accomplish more.

For multiple locations, we connect your offices using managed data traffic, providing infrastructure through top-tier Internet Protocol (IP) networks, providing your organization with new advantages and capabilities across the city, state or around the world.

Firewall, anti-virus, and secure remote access services are part of a full range of security and networking solutions that can protect your valuable assets from many threats. We work the details so you can relax.